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Corporate Social Responsibility

Shinetown Telecom has participated in caring for the global communities in the spirit of being a responsible corporate citizen in the past years. We will continue to do the same in the future in our pledge to improve the well being of the global community.

We are involved in the following projects:

Sponsoring various Migrants’ activities in Hong Kong (Indonesian and Filipinos)

Donating to Yuen Kong Kindergarten Hong Kong.

Donating to “Room To Read” a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children in developing countries to develop literacy skills.

Building a school named after “Shinetown Telecom” in Yunnan Province, China through Sowers Action in a mission to increase literacy and let children get chance to go to school.

Donating to Christian Action to support the Migrant Workers’ Programme.

Donating to Druk Foundation to build Solar Energy System for lightings in Nepal.

Donating to various projects of the Community Chest of Hong Kong, World Vision Hong Kong, Red Cross, Orbis and Apple Daily Charitable Foundation.