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HUA LONG 4G ONE Year Prepaid Card


To enjoy our fast, flexible and affordable 4G prepaid SIM card in Hong Kong after simple registration process. Our HUA LONG 4G prepaid SIM provides yearly and monthly 4G mobile data plan without constraint and contract-binding for your choice.

Starter pack is at $168. Enjoy FREE 1000 mins local and IDD to China valid for one year upon activation.

E-recharge voucher at $100 is now available at 7-Eleven outlets across Hong Kong.

HUA LONG 4G ONE Year Prepaid Card pack and recharge voucher at other face value is also available at Shine Club and major mobile shops. For details, please call 8108 4008.


Plug and Use after real name registration
Validity: ONE year
Hotline *777 : a dedicated hotline for customer to change their monthly plan or to add the mobile data or local airtime usage anytime
IDD to China – Free of IDD fee
Local call - as low as $0.2/minute
IDD to USA and Canada – as low as $0.12/minute (Not including local airtime)
Local SMS- $0.7/SMS
International SMS to China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh - $0.7/SMS;
SMS to the rest of the world - $1/SMS
Local e-transfer to other HUA LONG 3G Prepaid SIM Card numbers
Ring Back Tone
International Call Forward Service


To make an IDD call, press:
  • 001 or +
  • country code
  • area code
  • telephone number
  • call

International SMS

  • +
  • country code
  • area code
  • telephone number
  • send

Local e-transfer

To transfer load to other HUA LONG 4G Prepaid SIM Cards, press:
  • ✱ 123 ✱ 44 ✱ mobile number of load recipient ✱ load amount
  • call
Load amount can be any value up to $1000 but must integer amount, $0.5 transfer fee. (Only one transfer to the same recipient in the same day)

Ring Back Tone

To listen to a variety of Ring Back Tone, dial ✱ 888 from your mobile.You can download your selection over the phone. Alternatively, you can note the code and press:
  • ✱ 888 ✱ 11 ✱ RBT code
  • call
You can also create and record your own RBT.

*777 Hotline

A dedicated hotline that allow customer to register to a new mobile data plan when the mobile data of the original plan used up and add the local airtime usage anytime.
Customer can flexibly subscribe to other monthly or yearly plan if necessary anytime.
Note: To add the data usage / minute, the data usage / minute of the original plan will not be accumulated.
Details as below:

To check Mobile Number, Balance & Expiry Date
  • ✱ #137 ✱ 137 #
  • call
To check data usage, press:
  • ✱ #137 ✱ 138 #
  • call

International Call Forward Service

Keep in touch with family and friends, save on roaming charges by forwarding your incoming local call to your overseas number when you are traveling.
To activate, press:
  • ✱✱ 21 ✱ 001
  • country code
  • telephone number #
  • call
To deactivate, press:
  • ## 21 #
  • call

Charge for receiving call from Hong Kong while you are in China is $0.48/minute (Not including local airtime)
Charge for receiving call from Hong Kong while you are in Indonesia is $1.18/minute (Not including local airtime)

For latest rate and promotion, please call our Customer Service Hotline at +852 8108 4008.

Call Forwarding

To forward calls to a designated phone number, press the following short codes on your handset to activate or deactivate the service.
To activate, press:
  • ✱ ✱ 21
  • ✱ telephone number #
  • call
To deactivate, press:
  • ## 21 #
  • call

Call Forwarding : $0.2/minute.

Recharge Methods

Shinetown Telecom Online Recharge Service

Please click the button below to recharge:

Physical vouchers

Vouchers for HUA LONG 3G Prepaid SIM Card are available at $50, $100 and $300.
To recharge, press:
  • ✱ # 137 ✱ 14-digit voucher number #
  • call

7-Eleven e-voucher

E-voucher is available at $100 at any 7-Eleven outlets across Hong Kong.
To recharge, press:
  • ✱ # 137 ✱ 18-digit e-voucher number #
  • call

Phone Payment Service (PPS)

  1. Call 18031 (Eng)
  2. Enter your 5-digit PPS Phone Password
  3. Enter Shinetown Telecom’s Merchant Code: 9626
  4. Enter 8-digit phone no. of the Prepaid SIM Card
  5. Press “01 - MVNO” for bill type
  6. Enter recharge amount
Note: 2-days processing time is required by PPS.
You can also recharge by PPS via www.ppshk.com.

Credit card (Visa/Master)

Call our Customer Service Hotline at +852 8102 1229 from 9:00 to 18:00. Minimum recharge is $50. Service hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 to 18:00.

Internet Banking

You can pay your bill via your own bank’s Internet Banking site. At “Bill Payment’, under “Telecom”, look for “Shinetown Telecommunication Limited” then choose “Prepaid SIM Card Service”.

Note: 3-days processing time is required by Internet Banking.