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Recharge Methods

Combining calling card

Combine credit from one calling card to another:
  1. Call +852 8102 1222
  2. Select language
  3. Enter PIN of the calling card that you wish to keep
  4. Press "3"
  5. Enter PIN of the calling card that you wish to transfer

Your cards are combined.

Phone Payment Service (PPS)

  1. Call 18031
  2. Enter your 5-digit PPS Phone Password
  3. Enter Shinetown Telecom’s Merchant Code: 9626
  4. Enter the first 10-digit of the Calling Card PIN
  5. Press “03 – Calling Card” for bill type
  6. Enter the recharge amount

Note: 2-days processing time is required by PPS.
You can also recharge by PPS via www.ppshk.com.

Credit card (Visa / Master)

Call our Customer Service Hotline at +852 8102 1229 from 9:00 to 18:00. Minimum recharge is $50. Service hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 to 18:00.

Payment via Internet Banking

You can recharge your calling card via your own bank’s Internet Banking site. At “Bill Payment’, under “Telecom”, look for “Shinetown Telecommunication Limited” then choose “Calling Card Service”.

Note: 3-days processing time is required by Internet Banking.